DICE Working On Fixing Post-Launch Battlefield 3 Issues

As many suspected after the slew of issues Battlefield 3 suffered from during its beta process, the full release has come with its own share of problems. Thankfully, DICE are fully aware and are currently working to release a patch to address many player concerns.

In response to a question regarding friendly squads being broken up after a round ends, a member of the Battlefield 3 development team posted on the official Battlefield Twitter with:

Thank you for reporting your issue. We are working to identify the cause of your problem and to resolve it.

Even more problematic is an issue where players are unable to redeem their code that came with the game. Once again, a reply was posted on Twitter which stated:

We’re aware of the issues that are affecting users’ ability to activate #BF3 and to redeem game codes. We’ll update once fixed. Thanks!

These aren’t the only issues that the game has been stricken with either. Game connections are unstable, sensitivity can be inconsistent, and game textures have been glitchy for players across all three platforms. DICE have a lot of work to do, and it’s pretty clear that the game isn’t as polished as they said it would be on release.

Wondering how long it’ll take until we see another patch? Senior Designer Fredrik Thylander posted on his Twitter feed:

It’s the day after release here, so I do not for the life of me have a schedule, but the fix has gone in to the patch-code.

Another large patch similar to v1.01 appears to be in the pipeline, and hopefully it releases sooner rather than later. Not including Battlefield 1943 with the PlayStation 3 version despite saying it would before release is one thing, but not being able to play without facing game-breaking bugs is another. With Modern Warfare 3 only days away, there isn’t much time before DICE will have completely lost their upper hand.