Vita Rumored to Receive Valkyria Chronicles-Inspired Shining Hearts and Malicious

The mouse has hopped back onto that wheel and got the rumor’s churning out again, this time courtesy of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. The magazine has thrown a rumor out there that a Shining Hearts game is in the works for the PlayStation Vita and will draw heavy inspiration from Valkyria Chronicles. The mag does not go into detail on whether the game will be a port or something brand new, but anything inspired by Valkyria Chronicles deserves our attention.

In the rumors section we saw not only this, but also something concerning Malicious, which is already coming to PSN users in the west. The magazine is now saying that Malicious will also be coming to the PS Vita.

Shining Hearts is also coming to Vita, inspired by Valkyria Chronicles.

Excellent PSN title Malicious is being prepared for a western release – and coming to Vita.

No word yet concerning either game and if these rumors are true but this writer surely hopes both come true, as Malicious looks really interesting and the Shining Hearts series could use a good game.