Move Support Arrives For inFamous 2

November 2, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

Did you like the way Sucker Punch implemented PlayStation Move support in inFamous: Festival of Blood? Or were you hoping to use your glowing controller to electrocute people without having to buy a new game? In that case, you will be happy to hear that the original inFamous 2 has received an update to include motion support.

Similar to LittleBigPlanet 2, the support comes a few months after the game’s release date. This control scheme supposedly targets the casual gamers instead of the hardcore. For some, controllers are a little bit intimidating to use, so this will hopefully bridge that barrier. If you are still confused of how the Move works, watch the Festival of Blood trailer:

The update is live, so fire up your copy of inFamous 2 to get it and enjoy the Move support. Maybe it is the time to do a second run-through to get that second ending.