Uncharted 3 v1.02 Patch Now Live; Addresses Controls and Much More

November 27, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Uncharted 3 did a lot of things right, but it’s been difficult for many to shake the feeling that the controls just don’t feel quite right. But, in typical Naughty Dog fashion, a patch was quickly put in production and now that patch is available for download.

Patch v1.02 has just found its way to Uncharted 3, and addresses a primary concern: stiff controls. It doesn’t end there, though, and while it took a couple weeks for the update to come out, there’s good reason. See the patch notes below:

Single Player:


  • Movie cutscene viewer added (in the Bonuses menu, Single-Player only)
  • Technical:

  • Fixed the missing Motion Blur effects (for Single Player only)
  • “Alternate Aim Settings” added to the Options menu under Camera options (for Single Player only)
  • Multiplayer:


  • Settings bug fixed: all controls being set to flipped mode setting will no longer change all controls back to default
  • Gameplay:

  • Medal streaks won’t reset if the host migrates to another user
  • Blindfire targeting adjusted so that opposing players past a certain vertical angle above and below won’t be hit.
  • Allow grenade throw while scoped
  • Tuned Pull Down range from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters
  • Lowered the player running speed when players run ‘n gun by approximately 15%
  • Slightly increased the turn radius of run ‘n gun
  • Slightly decreased the turning speed during Sprint
  • Technical:

  • Fixed an infrequent hunter spawning issue in Hunter Arena when the match round switches
  • Fixed several cinema crashes
  • Locked fast-forwarding on convoy sequence in Airstrip TDM and train sequence on London Underground TDM to 3x maximum in Cinema Mode
  • Fixed certain cameras in Kick Offs and Pull Downs
  • Fixed a late join skin bug with locked content
  • Fixed a split-screen Buddy treasure pickup bug
  • Fixed duplicate medal problem causing bad tabulation of a few medals to the player’s career stats
  • User Interface:

  • Objective points now show up in the player’s Competitive statistics tab instead of the Cooperative statistics tab
  • Added a Facebook Sign Out option
  • Added the Add Friend functionality in the Facebook tab
  • Fixed voice icon for mics not appearing in Matchmaking lobby
  • Adding missing weapon stats tracking for certain weapons that were not being recorded to the player stats
  • Fix for not displaying the entire Online ID within the “Players” column of any leaderboard.
  • Fix for a user having an online ID containing fifteen or more characters created in uppercase format and actively using a voice comm device.
  • Server:

  • Matchmaking now waits for double the number of players in the biggest party in the room to be present before starting a game (to prevent parties from being split frequently)
  • Players no longer able to join party that is already in Matchmaking

  • So now not only are the controls at the same level as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, if not better, but you can re-watch the gorgeous cutscenes of the game at the drop of a hat, and the online has been tweaked for balance and stability. Oh, and all of these changes come in the form of a 32MB update. Not bad. I know I’ll be hopping back on to start working on my platinum trophy. Will you?