Bang Bang Racing to Bring Family-Friendly Adrenaline to PSN

Developed by Playbox and published by Digital Reality, the new arcade racer takes the appeal of classic top down racing and combines it with the fresh look of current generation games in a way that leaves me reminiscing about the good old days of R.C. Pro-Am. Previously released for the Android, the new version appears to be designed specifically for local gameplay among the family, with up to four player split screen support included, and no mention of competitive online play. There are however leader boards mentioned, which players can climb by using 20 different vehicles to hone their skills and find shortcuts throughout the nine tracks.

There are four classes of vehicles featured, like muscles cars and Formula One cars, each with several colorful skins to make your own car stand out. Dynamic elements are touted to keep the racing fresh, like explosive barrels and variable road conditions such as snow, sand, water and oil. Encounters with the various hazards can apparently cause damage to vehicles too, since there will be pit lanes for making repairs mid race.

So far, Digital Reality hasn’t mentioned a time frame for release date or pricing, but with this announcement more details are likely to come soon. Digital Reality is currently also known for games like SkyDrift and the upcoming Sine Mora, both of which are beautiful and unique looking games, so it seems they may be on a roll with bringing us quality digital products. Hopefully this proves to be the case, when Bang Bang Racing eventually arrives on the PSN, XBLA, and PC platforms.