Developer of 3D Dot Game Heroes Ports Engine To Vita

The developer behind 2009’s 3D Dot Game Heroes, Silicon Studio, has ported their Orochi engine to the PlayStation Vita. The engine was designed as a middleware solution capable of porting games to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Windows PC and Xbox 360. The engine supports graphics rendering, artificial intelligence and sound playback across all five of these platforms.

3D Dot Game Heroes was an action/adventure game that took cues from older 8-bit titles, namely the original Legend of Zelda. In the game the player moved their custom avatar around an over world filled with dungeons and towns similar to those found in 1980s adventure games. One of the most memorable parts of 3D Dot Game Heroes – aside from the retro inspired blocky graphics – was that the player’s sword grew ginormous if their health bar was full.

Hopefully we will find out what Silicon Studios has planned for the Vita version of the Orochi engine soon.