Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ringing in The New Year

With the new year around the corner, Capcom is preparing yet another update on the popular Street Fighter IV that will further refresh and refine the game, including some balancing that players will no doubt appreciate.

In a recent PR announcement following a posting on the Capcom Unity blog, the update, dubbed “Version 2012,” will be released as a patch to current owners of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on December 13th. The update will “re-balance the moves of each of the 39 characters.” There are so many tweaks, in fact, that Capcom has gone ahead and rendered the changes in a PDF document, which you can take a look at here. Included in the changes are improvements in the number of frames that a move can be continued for, or damage dealt by certain moves. There are a lot of changes here, and it will seemingly only apply to owners of the very latest version of Street Fighter IV. Let us know if you spot any changes that you are particularly pleased or angered with in the comments below.