Command and Conquer Returns with ‘C&C Generals 2’

Respected strategy franchise Command & Conquer rolls out its ninth official outing (we’re not counting Renegade or expansions) with Command & Conquer: Generals 2.

This latest entry in the Command & Conquer series was teased a few weeks ago by GameTrailers. Leaks came out this morning that the game returns to the ‘modern day’ setting established in the original Command & Conquer: Generals, which was released in 2003. It has now been  officially revealed at the VGAs.

The main C&C storyline dealt with Tiberium, a crystal like organism that could convert any form of matter into a crystallized form. Over the course of four games, and two decades, the factions of the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of NOD battled it as the Tiberium crisis worsened. The conflict was eventually resolved with the appearance of *spoiler* space aliens *end spoiler* during the events of C&C 3/4.

The Command & Conquer Generals series takes a more “real world” approach. In the 2003 game China and the United States joined forces to fight the Global Liberation Army, a well organized terrorist faction. Reviewers at the time drew parallels between the War on Terror and the events in Generals.

Check out the screen that leaked this morning: