Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 1/30 – 2/5: Iron Banner Returns

The January 30 Destiny 2 weekly reset brings Iron Banner back to the Tower for its first outing in Season 2. It also heralds the arrival of Destiny 2 update 1.1.2, which brings Masterwork armor, Raid armor mods, reduced experience required for Bright Engrams, and more. This week’s Flashpoint is back on Nessus for yet another luminous engram. Don’t forget to purchase Cayde’s treasure maps leading to the chests in this area too.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 1/30 – 2/5

Nightfall: Savathûn’s Song

New Pacific Arcology, Delve deep into the Hive-infested Arcology in search of missing fireteams.


Momentum: Health and Shield regeneration are disabled whilst standing still. Sprint to regenerate more quickly.

Timewarp – Anomalies: Strange anomalies have been detected in the area. Destroy them to release temporal energy and extend the mission timer.


Speed Of Dark: Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.

Unbroken: Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.

The Best Defense: Shoot down 15 of its projectiles before defeating Savathûn’s Song.

Flashpoint: Nessus

Complete public events on Nessus. Make sure to check out our Heroic Public Events guide to get the most credit for doing these public events, and a chance at exotics!

Leviathan Raid Rotation

  • Pleasure Gardens
  • The Gauntlet
  • Royal Pools
  • Calus

Raid Challenge: The Gauntlet


Visit Ikora to replay story missions and earn tokens that can be redeemed for rewards.

  • Riptide: Without power, Zavala’s resistance has hit a wall. Travel deeper into the Arcology and help them past it.
  • Hope: Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.
  • A Garden World: (Curse of Osiris mission, must have expansion to play)

Iron Banner

  • Daily: Complete three challenges in the Iron Banner.
  • Quest:  Iron Banner Control – Capture zones to increase points for every kill.


  • Two For One: Defeat 2 opponents in rapid succession, 3 times.
  • Avenger: Defeat 5 opponents who recently defeated you or a teammate.
  • Advantageous: Defeat 10 opponents while controlling at least 2 zones.

Iron Banner Weapons

  • Crimil’s Dagger [Hand Cannon] – 60 Iron Banner Tokens, 25 Shards
  • Frostmire’s Hex [Scout Rifle] – 60 Iron Banner Tokens, 25 Shards
  • Gunnora’s Axe [Shotgun] – 60 Iron Banner Tokens, 25 Shards

Faction Weapons for Sale

Each week, you can buy a certain weapon from each vendor. These weapons require you to have turned in ten reward engrams first before you can purchase them. This total is accounted across all of your time playing Destiny 2, not just this week. These are this week’s weapons for sale.

  • Not Yet Available

Eververse Inventory

Every week, the items for sale for Bright Dust at Eververse rotate out. Here are this week’s items.

  • Emote Huddle Up (400 Bright Dust)
  • Emote Taunt Dance (700 Bright Dust)
  • Exotic Sparrow SV-112 Predator (2,500 Bright Dust)
  • Ship Antonio (500 Bright Dust)
  • (Tractor Cannon) Ornament Under Construction (800 Bright Dust)
  • (Telesto) Ornament Reef in Ruins (1,250 Bright Dust)
  • Gauntlets Omega Mechanos Grasps (800 Bright Dust)
  • Exotic Ghost Fast Lane Shell (2,850 Bright Dust)
  • Transmat Effect Solar Effects (450 Bright Dust)
  • Shader Arctic Pearl (40 Bright Dust)
  • Shader Monochromatic (40 Bright Dust)
  • Fireteam Medallion (50Bright Dust)
  • Vanguard Boon (250 Bright Dust)
  • Crucible Boon (600 Bright Dust)

Don’t forget to visit the Tower and pick up any quests or quest items you may need for the week, such as Cayde-6’s treasure maps, which place chests on Mercury this week. You can also head to Mercury to pick up more Lost Verses from Brother Vance to earn forge weapons (Curse of Osiris only).

The Destiny 2 weekly reset occurs every Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM Pacific. The following activities are reset each week, allowing you to earn new rewards for completing them.

  • Weekly Milestones
    • Call to Arms Crucible Milestone
    • Destination Flashpoint Milestone
    • Heroic Strike Milestone
    • Clan XP Milestone
    • Weekly Challenges Milestone
  • Ikora Meditations (Replay story)
  • Heroic Adventures on Mercury
  • Eververse Bright Dust Inventory
  • Clan XP Rewards
  • Cayde-6 Treasure Maps
  • Raid Keys and Rewards

The weekly reset allows you to earn new rewards per character, except the Cayde-6 treasure maps which are account based. Destiny 2 Nightfalls are difficult timer based strikes. Rotating modifiers will allow you to earn additional time in various ways.

There is also a daily reset that occurs at the same time daily, resetting the challenges for each activity and replayable adventures at each patrol location.

Check out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide to see how best to handle Calus’ challenges. Not ready for the Raid? Our Destiny 2 endgame guide covers how to get yourself leveled up after the campaign is over.