Final Fantasy XIII-2 “A Guided Tour” Trailer Reveals Details, New Screenshots Released

Square Enix’s upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, is going to have quite a number of new features and abilities that weren’t in FFXIII. A new trailer released today by the RPG giant reveals a number of details about the game that some gamers might not be aware of.

The new trailer covers a number of features in the game:

  • Historia Cruxes enable time travel and travel between worlds to towns and large environments that have NPCs, some of whom will offer side quests to the player. The Cruxes also enable players to travel to previously visited locations and replay missions for different results.
  • Enemies in the field can be detected using the Mog Clock, which enables players to detect enemies. Depending on how players engage enemies in combat and where the clock’s needle is positioned, players may benefit from advantages such as pre-emptive strikes or the disadvantage of having the “Retry” option locked out.
  • ATB gauges now can be saved up to use powerful combat abilities.
  • Paradigms will have more customization options. They can also be designed to attack multiple opponents or focused to attack a single opponent.
  • Cinematic Action events add QTE-style events to battle and “gives the player an even greater role in determining how certain key events unfold.”
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 features a new “Paradigm Pack” system, which will enable players to add monsters to their Paradigms. Monsters occupy roles party members would use in Paradigm, learn new abilities through “infusion,” and can be decorated by players. Monsters each have their own unique ability called a “Feral Link,” which can be performed after properly executed QTE-style events.
  • Crystarium returns as the level-up and ability system. More options and flexibility are offered for building characters.
  • Players can use Mog to go treasure hunting.
  • Players will encounter “mind-bending puzzles” in Temporal Rifts.
  • Players will be able to play games in the casino at Serendipity, which has slot machine games and chocobo racing.

Players can see the trailer below and new screenshots in the gallery below it. The screenshots show selectable difficulties for battle, a means for FFXIII-2 owners to catch up on FFXIII‘s plot called “Beginner’s Primer,” the Mog Clock, a new character named Yeul and “paradox endings.”

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on January 31, 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360.