Sony Still On Track To Sell 15 Million PS3s In Fiscal 2011/2

Sales figures, boring stuff right? Well they can be a great indicator of how much (or little) the fanbase of a particular console is expanding. It’s good to note than that Sony’s predicting that PS3 sales will be slightly ahead of projections.

The console manufacturer expects to sell 15 million units before the end of March 2012, which marks the end of their corporate calendar. Andrew House, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, said these sales are strong in the face of uncertainties worldwide including the European Debt Crisis.

Sony has a lot riding on the PlayStation Vita, which will be released this Saturday in Japan. Not shockingly, the Japanese public has eaten up the device, with all available units sold out through pre-orders.

The North American and European launch may not have the same success, with portables historically far more popular in the East. Supply concerns also delayed the device from its intended December 2011 release to next February. In Canada the 3G version will be unavailable at launch due to ongoing disputes with the nation’s wireless carriers. The increasing economic problems in Europe are also expected to impact sales, with House declining to give a sales prediction for the handheld.

Stay tuned because we’ll have continuing coverage of the PS Vita as the launch date quickly approaches.