Rumor: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Will Not Be Next-Gen

After Ubisoft originally released a teaser trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 in 2008, the game has suffered from an off again/on again status, with some calling it the next Duke Nukem Forever.

The most recent official statement about the game suggested that game was now in development for the next gen, with creator Michel Ancel saying:

It is still alive and we are very far [into] development so we can’t go back now. We are targeting the next generation of consoles.

But the latest issue of UK based Xbox World Magazine reports the exact opposite, and claims that the game will be released on this generation of consoles.

Would you like to play Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the PlayStation 3? The original was a sleeper hit during the PlayStation 2’s heyday, and was released as an HD Remake on the PSN this past July.