Beyond Good & Evil 2 is Beyond the Current Generation

Beyond Good & Evil became a cult classic when it was released on the PS2. Ever since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel, with gamers even seeing a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 all the way back at E3 2008. On the third anniversary of the trailer that got so many gamers excited, Ubisoft has released some sad news.

Michel Ancel, a developer for Ubisoft Montpellier, has confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will not release this console generation. To quote him directly, “It is still alive and we are very far [into] development so we can’t go back now. We are targeting the next generation of consoles.” It is unlikely that when Ancel says “next generation” he means the PlayStation Vita or Wii U; he is probably referring to the next PlayStation and Microsoft console. Ubisoft Monpellier is also working on the Rayman revamp, Rayman Origins, which is releasing later this year. It is not known if Ubisoft is delaying Beyond Good and Evil 2 because they want to focus on Rayman Origins or because their creative vision requires even more power than the PS3 and 360 allows.