PS Vita Early Adopters Report Freezing

The PlayStation Vita has only been available for a little over 48 hours in Japan and gamers are already beginning to report problems with the handheld. Hardware related glitches aren’t uncommon for new console launches, however, much like the ‘dead pixel’ fiasco that came about when the PlayStation Portable launched.

Users are reporting that their Vitas are locking up, leaving them with no option but to reset the system. The freezes are believed to be occurring when attempting to perform a system update. Other issues reported over the last few days including the inability to shutdown the console during online play and the Vita not powering up after charging.

We’ll keep you up to date on any developments regarding these potential issues. So far these reports have come out of forums and YouTube videos, and we’ve yet to have any problems with our handheld. No official statements have been issued by Sony regarding any of these issues.