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New PSP RPG Coming to NA

Atlus USA, known for its lack of hesitation when it comes to localizing niche games and Japanese RPGs, has announced that it will be bringing Sting-developed PSP tactical RPG Gungnir to North America in the summer of 2012.

With the full title of Gunguniru: Masou no Gunjin to Eiyuu Sensou (in English, Gungnir: Inferno of the Demon Lance and the War of Heroes), it’s not clear if Atlus will be adding a subtitle or just keeping the name simple.

We have the first trailer and a decent batch of screenshots right here, which we posted back when the game was first descending upon Japan. Other websites are just now discovering this game, but see, you knew about it months ago because you read PlayStation LifeStyle.

To the mainstream, the PSP “died” a couple of years ago, but these RPGs still have their audience and are apparently still proving profitable, with XSeed also set to bring a new PSP title in February, that being Vanillaware-made Grand Knights History.