Grand Knights History Videos Show Combat, Characters

Developer Vanillaware and publisher Marvelous Interactive are flooding YouTube with videos of their upcoming PSP joint Grand Knights History.

This first video below shows several characters fading in and out and telling who their respective voice actors will be. It then goes on to inform the viewer that the game will feature online multiplayer with a virtually infinite amount of friends. We round out this video with a clip of the theme song “Navigation” by Japanese pop star Fumika.


The second video is much shorter, clocking it at only 43 seconds. It’s a simple look at the process of setting up a fight. The player’s party travels the world on a series of dots along a path, common in a lot of tactical RPGs. That’s not to say Grand Knights History is one (it’s not), just that the map navigation is similarly handled.


To get an idea of exactly what a battle looks like, here’s yet another video.


Grand Knights History will be released in Japan in September. We’ll see if it makes it elsewhere, where PSP software isn’t selling nearly as well as it is in Japan.