FIFA 12 Vita Producer Walkthrough Shoots For The Goal

January 1, 2012Written by Rae Langdon

EA Sport’s FIFA 12 for PlayStation Vita is the first time the publisher has ported the current generation FIFA engine to a handheld device. In a YouTube video producer Matt Prior walks us through the basics of the game, and if you think that FIFA 12 for PlayStation Vita is a simple port, think again, because many elements of the game take advantage of the upcoming handheld.

Passing is one of the most basic elements of any soccer/football title. FIFA 12 allows players to push the ball forward by simply tapping any of their available wingmen. You also don’t need to focus on the face buttons to kick the ball to the net, in a pinch you can tap the touch sensitive back of the Vita. When you are on the defense you can switch the active player by tapping a computer controlled teammate.

The five minute video really breaks down how FIFA 12 utilizes Vita to the full extent. The game features 29 different licenses leagues across 22 countries. 


FIFA 12 for Vita will be available on the handheld this February.