New EA Sports SSX Trailer Released, Takes the Game to New Heights

January 3, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

EA has released another trailer for EA Sports SSX that shows some new gameplay.

The trailer shows a character in pink, Alex, being dropped off at the top of a slope. After Alex is released, a race of SSX begins soon afterwards. She executes tricks in mid-air in tried-and-true SSX fashion. As she receives a boost, though, we see that Alex is no ordinary competitor: she has a wingsuit which she integrates into her landing. We then see a character named Tane performing a crazy trick and grinding against a helicopter in mid-air, which fills his Tricky meter. (Also, Tane’s video shows a text and icon labeled “Lamp” in the lower right hand corner.) The next part of the trailer shows Elise doing a number of grinding tricks before also grinding against a helicopter and eventually landing. We then see a “rewind” feature in action with Moby, who messes up a trick rather badly but then is brought back to a point prior to his fall and is allowed to continue. Finally, we see Eddie performing The Worm on his board in mid-air before finishing a race.

To see the trailer, click on the video below:

SSX is set to release on February 28th 2012, after a small delay.