Consoles Awaken a Sea of Demons; Diablo III is Officially Multiplatform

Diablo III is arguably the biggest release set for 2012, and its PC-exclusive status has made it a golden egg on a platform that lately hasn’t seen many blockbuster exclusives. However, rumors have soared for months now that the game might make the award-winning series’ first transition to the console environment since 1998. With its release window approaching, multiplatform has seemed like nothing more than that: rumors. But a simple Tweet from a Blizzard employee has revealed one of the most surprising multiplatform jumps in history.

Blizzard Community Manager Micah Whipple, also known as Bashiok, was asked by a user whether or not Diablo III will be coming to consoles, to which he replied:

Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.

With Activision funding the project, this comes as less of a surprise. The good thing is that Diablo III‘s gameplay is one of a kind, and should transition to controller inputs relatively smoothly unlike its MMORPG kindred. Hell, the first Diablo was able to work on the original PlayStation, so the PlayStation 3 should have no problem. The only thing still left in question is what consoles it will release on. Hopefully Blizzard is attracted to Sony’s free-to-play online model and will bring one of the best series in PC history to the PlayStation 3.