New Binary Domain Trailer Shows War Against Robots, Reveals Delay

January 11, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

SEGA has released a new trailer for their upcoming third person shooter, Binary Domain. The trailer introduces players to the world of Binary Domain — a world where mankind fights against robots for survival.

The trailer shows that the game is set in the year 2080. The first scene of the trailer shows a group of robots surrounding a man, who tears his face off to reveal that he’s a robot. Next, a group of government officials are shown discussing the fact that these robots are nearly indistinguishable from humans. A special team is given permission to enter Japan covertly and they’re shown in various situations, including one where another “man” is shot and revealed to be a robot. The next few sequences show intense moments and gameplay, including sneaking in cover, riding jet ski-like vehicles, shootouts and more. The trailer ends with a squad member standing over someone (or a robot), pointing his gun at him/her/it, and then firing the gun.

The trailer also reveals that Binary Domain has been delayed from February 14th to February 28th.

To view the “Bigger Than You Think” trailer, click on the video below:

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