Starhawk Public Beta Dates & Details Announced, Trailer Released

January 13, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Sony has announced the first dates and details on the long awaited Public Beta for Lightbox and SCEA Santa Monica’s Starhawk for PS3.

The public beta for the game has multiple dates that each allow different groups of users to gain entry. What follows below is the North American Public Beta schedule:

  • January 17th: All PlayStation Plus subscribers and previous Private Beta participants who haven’t erased their original Private Beta files.
  • January 31st: All gamers who received a Starhawk public beta voucher with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.
  • February 7th: Gamers can visit GameStop and PlayStation’s Facebook page to learn how to win beta voucher codes.
  • February 14th: All the listing says is The post doesn’t say if it’s relative to a giveaway or how the codes will be distributed, but that more details will be coming soon.
  • February 21st: All PSN users.

Gamers who were in the Private Beta and still have the original Private Beta files on their PS3 HDDs are in the Public Beta for its duration. Also, the Pubic Beta has no set end date, only “sometime after February 21st” is mentioned, because the team wants to make sure that the game is good and ready before closing it. To give feedback on the beta, gamers can go to and use their PSN IDs to login so that they can access the beta forums.

To see the “Reveal Event” trailer for the game, click on the video below:

Starhawk is in development for PS3 and is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2012.