Uncharted 3 1.03 Patch Paves the Way for Exciting DLC

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has soldiered on post-release with a couple of patches and adjustments which have helped refine what was already a heavily polished experience. Now v1.03 is out, and while it doesn’t change a whole lot, it does pave the way for plenty to follow.

Below are the patch notes for Uncharted 3‘s v1.03 patch, as detailed on Naughty Dog’s official site:

  • Users in the largest party in a game room will no longer be designated as Villains a large majority of the time
  • Cutscene viewer audio issues fixed (3D only)

In addition to the above changes, the patch contains the framework necessary to run some DLC which Naughty Dog is excited to be releasing soon. Eric Monacelli mentioned that all information regarding the DLC will be revealed by January 17th, which falls on the same day as next week’s PlayStation Store update. The content has been said to apply only to the multi-player experience, so if you enjoy the competitive environment in Uncharted 3, be sure to stay tuned.