Battlefield 3 Road Rage Video Shows Why the Series is Naturally Hilarous

While the Battlefield series is known best for its huge maps and war-like battle experience, when I hear its name I think of driving dune buggies into groups of enemies, jets doing kamikazes into helicopters, and huge random explosions. You may have passed on the game, or maybe haven’t played it since Skyrim and Uncharted 3 came out, but a new video might inspire you to hop back on and remember why sandbox games are sometimes the most fun you can have.

YouTube user halo123456 has uploaded a video which I found hilarious and a great example of why Battlefield is so fun to play. See for yourself below:


Seeing the jet fly into the helicopter was enough to get me laughing, not to mention front flips and epic buggy skirmishes. It reminded me of a time in Battlefield 2 when I was playing Gulf of Oman and saw a player’s boat launch over the aircraft carrier before being flown into by an F-35C at supersonic speeds. Never have I seen something so random in a video game, and it made for some great fireworks.

Did the video remind you of any awesome and/or funny moments you’ve had in the Battlefield 3 series? Share your memories in the comments below!