Recent Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumors Seem to Have Been Debunked

YouTuber AlmightyDaq, who previously leaked Battlefield 1 details, recently claimed in a video that Battlefield Bad Company 3 was in development, and that it would be out next year. Given his previous record of accurate leaks, many publications picked up on the report and it didn’t help that Battalion 1944 developer, Joe Brammer, told his Twitter followers that he knew about the project.

Unfortunately, however, Eurogamer’s sources and another Battlefield YouTuber have cast doubt on the reports.

Sources close to DICE have told Eurogamer that the idea of Bad Company 3 did exist but the game wasn’t in development so it’s highly unlikely that the reports of a 2018 release are true. When the publication contacted AlmightyDaq for a clarification, he partially backtracked on his previous claims and said:

There are two games. I’m aware that DICE Sweden is WWII. That’s what my next video is about. The one I leaked is DICE LA.

Eurogamer points out that DICE LA has largely been supporting the main DICE team on Battlefield games so if it is leading development on a new game, that would be a first.

AlmightyDaq has since removed references to Bad Company 3 being a 2018 release. However, it’s not unheard of for Battlefield insiders to have information on upcoming projects ahead of time. As Eurogamer’s sources said, the idea of Battlefield Bad Company 3 did exist so it’s possible that the YouTuber spoke too soon.

[Source: Eurogamer]