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God of War IV, Syphon Filter 4 Announcement Coming Next Month?

January 23, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

It’s been almost two years now since we last wielded the Blades of Exile in the name of vengeance as Kratos. It’s been another two years since we’ve suited up as Agent Gabe Logan. But according to a new rumor, the fourth official game in each series may be announced next month.

As reported by Sillegamer, the latest issue of PLAY magazine suggests that God of War IV and Syphon Filter 4 are due for an announcement in February.

PLAY magazine says that Syphon Filter 4, in development at SCE London Studios, “will be announced and released during 2012” and “will see a return to the world of shooting, espionage and Gabe Logan’s superb name.”

The magazine then brings up the recent job listings for God of War IV pointing at the possibility of multiplayer for the game, and hinting that they know something the public does not.

Both titles are listed for a February announcement. Something tells me, though, that at least one of these titles will be for the PlayStation Vita. Thoughts?