Amazon Offering $20 Gift Card with Purchase of Final Fantasy XIII-2

If you’re planning on picking up Final Fantasy XIII-2 but just can’t bring yourself to pay full price for it, perhaps Amazon can convince you to shell out some dough, as picking up the game through the online super-giant will earn you a $20 gift card.

If you head over to the Amazon listing right now, you’ll also notice that purchasing the game through them entitles you to a digital Final Fantasy XIII-2 mini strategy guide, which should make the purchase all the more easy to swallow.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Fantasy guru Heath Hindman recently reviewed the game and certainly believes the game isn’t without some major flaws, so be sure to head over to our review to see if it’s an experience that interests you. The game is certainly different than Final Fantasy XIII, which brings both some positives and negatives.

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