Final Fantasy X PS3/Vita is Not a Remake, HD Upgrade Only

There has been all kinds of speculation about the extent to which Final Fantasy X will be updated for its Vita and PS3 version. At the release party for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Taipei, Taiwanese website GNN Gamer got an answer from Shinji Hashimoto.

When asked “So is it a remake or an HD remaster,” Hashimoto called the game an “HD Remaster,” meaning more of a visually enhanced port than a full-on remake. What does still seem to be up in the air, however, is whether this is the basic version of the game or the international version. Final Fantasy X International included optional boss fights and an “Expert” mode, which placed characters on Sphere Grids that had less upgrade nodes than the original mode of play. Moreover, all characters started at the same point and could be evolved as the player saw fit. In Japan, this version also came packed with a story video almost 15 minutes long that helped fill the player in on the events between FFX and X-2. This version was released in Japan and PAL territories, but never North America.

While we’re not yet sure which version it is or when it will be released, there’s little question that the HD upgrade and portability will be big selling factors for the new versions of Final Fantasy X.