Skyrim Patch v1.4 Submitted to Sony

Bethesda has stated that the latest patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been submitted to Sony for approval. The patch is meant to fix many of the performance problems that have plagued the game since its release last November.

Considering the usual time length for certification, the patch could be released within the next few days, but could easily take over a week. Bethesda has faced constant criticism as each patch has been unable to deal with the PS3 version’s specific problems. Gamers have also been quick to point out that each patch, while fixing some things, ends up causing other problems.

The latest patch is already available for the PC version of the game, after having been tested in a lengthy beta period via Steam. The full list of fixes for the 1.4 patch also includes several quest fixes in addition to performance enhancements.

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