Jaffe Stars in His Own F***ing Twisted Metal Ad, Lets You Remotely Shoot a Real Truck

Most publishers would be scared to give the trouble-attracting Jaffe a podium to speak on, but not Sony. Like us, they love his potty mouthed craziness, and have indulged him with his very own Twisted Metal ad – that lets you remotely control a gun to shoot a real truck.

(Warning: As this is Jaffe, the following video and article contain swear words)

Watch as Jaffe unleashes a string of bullets into an icecream truck and swears like a trooper:

Fucking awesome right? What’s even more fucking fantastic is that you’ll be able to shoot the truck yourself in only 4 and a half days by signing up here. Fuck yeah!

Jaffe also revealed more details on Twitter:

And let’s be clear- it ain’t just bullets. They assure me there will be stuff that explodes and blows the hell up! Can’t wait!

Will you be signing the fuck up? Let us know in the comments below.