Jaffe Talks About BJ Comments, Says Words Were Twisted, But Admits He Sucks at Self Control

David Jaffe sparked controversy (yet again) on the internet today, not because he is leaving Eat Sleep Play and forming a new studio, but because a video was published featuring crude remarks that have caused claims of sexism to be leveled at the Twisted Metal and God of War creator. Now, Jaffe has taken to the web to defend his comments, claiming the video was edited to remove key statements that would have proved his innocence.

(Warning: As this is a post filled with Jaffe quotes, it is decidedly NSFW and absolutely NSF kids.)

Speaking on an interview with GameTrailers, Jaffe was quoted as saying:

I tell you why, Twisted Metal, February 14th — Valentine’s Day — it’s a great, great romantic gift, if you have a lady friend and she really wants to know the best game ever, and she will give you a fucking blowjob, if you play this game. If you let her win Twisted Metal split screen, she will suck your dick.

The comment drew criticism from some viewers, who labeled Jaffe as sexist on Twitter. He replied (multiple tweets compiled):

Uhm, on the whole GT BJ thing, if I may: I like vulgar but the way that was edited came off more vulgar than even I like. There actually was some context to that conversation as I recall but the edit only showed the last part of a bigger discussion. Granted, the overall discussion was still intentionally juvenile and over the top but w/that as context- especially given the entire REST of the GT piece had NO indication the interview was gonna go vulgar, at least I think you’d see more where it was coming from.

Again, as I said earlier: it WAS meant to be stupid and childish but it was edited so as to cut off the lead off where we are talking about Valentine’s Day and sex and stuff and then we transition to the BJ part. Again, nothing suave about it but it makes more sense if UC whole bit. That said:I see NOTHING misogynistic about what I said. Crude and vulgar? You bet! And unintentionally so when out of context. BUT what is misogynistic about what I said? That’s just crazy! Never said ‘buy this product and A girl will suck your dick’. I said ‘YOUR GIRLFRIEND’ would…and in context of the conversation, I would have just as easily said to a woman ‘buy this product and your man will please you orally’. Again, vulgar and dumb? Sure. Nothing sexist about it tho.

No1 died sure, but I personally find it hurtful to be called a misogynist. I have 2 daughters and I’m a big fan of women. Many of my very best friends are women and I respect women. The idea that being crude and vulgar=misogynistic to some folks bugs the fuck outta me (but also indicates they are probably super pussy whipped PC types who God know I dunno why I give a shit about their judgement of me anyway)…so yeah, I really should not be upset :). Problem solved! 🙂

After reading his defense, Kotaku still believed the post was misogynistic and sexist, something that drew the ire of Jaffe. He stated that the video was edited to be more provocative, and that he even gave a similar statement for ladies:

Dear writer at Kotaku: a) YOU don’t get to place stuff you don’t like in a sentence and then decide to call it misogynistic. Please leave that to Websters. b) you also really should try to watch the whole interview vs. the small snippet that gametrailers put up. I am NOT saying you will like what I said better or worse BUT at least you would then not make statements about what I said BEFORE of AFTER the clip that they chose to use in their piece. And IF you don’t have access to the clip, you should at least- in your reporting- make it clear there MAY have been something before or after given the way the piece was edited (i.e. I didn’t just SAY it out of thin air flowing from talking about Sweet Tooth’s machine gun mechanic and then transitioning into blow job talk. Finally, YOU are the one who sees sexist content where there was none intended. LETTING someone- ANYONE- win in order to gain favor is not a sexist concept. The reason I was addressing men vs. women was because AT LEAST 95% of our player base for TM is male and I was speaking to my audience. And hell, for all you know, I made a similar statement to the ladies and it was cut out (again, if I was the editor, fine…but I did not edit the clearly edited piece).

Tim Browne, Lead Game Designer on Assassin’s Creed‘s Multiplayer, then weighed in on the topic, criticizing Jaffe’s loose lips, as well as journalists’ tactics on posting quotes:

@davidscottjaffe as game developer I respect you, but come on seriously? You know the industry, you know the interviews. It doesn’t matter that you said various things in front of the camera, you always have to be on your guard of what you say. I’m just stunned you said that to a camera crew. You must have known it would be used and you have little control how they edit it….

Jaffe replied:

I hear you- and I love your games!- BUT I guess I’m just stubborn cause I refuse to let the fact that media wants to twist things  for their own commercial purposes stop me from being genuine when I try to communicate with folks who dig our stuff. I know because of that I get a bloody PR nose from time to time- and even worse, turn off potential folks from working w/me who would be surprised to find out just how NON evil I really am- BUT I think there’s not enough transparency in media and I’d rather just roll the dice (and be heartbroken cuz of results of doing so) so I can continue to feel I represented self honestly. There is a balance, I know.

I just really suck at it! 🙂

If Jaffe did make similar statements about women getting pleasure from men (not a sentence I thought I’d ever write on PSLS), then it does look like he wasn’t really being sexist, just very crude. It’s also a shame to see that his comments could have been taken out of context as it does hurt game journalism’s push to be taken more seriously and be seen as a transparent media source, rather than one that goes for a snazzy headline.

However, whatever the truth of the matter is, just don’t expect to see Jaffe make a cameo in the next Muppets movie.

Were you offended by Jaffe’s comments, or did it make you preorder three copies of Twisted Metal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.