Here’s What Happens When 70,000 Bullets, A Bunch of Explosives, David Jaffe and an Ice Cream Truck Meet

We were excited to see what would come of the “Shoot My Truck” Twisted Metal promotion that Jaffe teased last week, with the ad announcing that gamers would be able to blast a real life Sweet Tooth ice cream truck to bits over the web. Now, Jaffe has revealed the results of the explosive promotion.

On Twitter, David Jaffe released an image of the aftermath of #shootmytruck (click image to enlarge):

The poor ice cream truck in the background is a mere shadow of its former self, while the clutter in the foreground used to include a piano as well as a bunch of other props. To bring about this level of destruction, 71,685 M249 SAW bullets were pumped into the unlucky items, along with a bunch of explosives – all by internet users hell bent on property destruction.

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