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David Jaffe Puts His Foot in His Mouth (Again) with Controversial ‘News’ About Kratos’ Sexuality

David Jaffe hasn’t been involved with the God of War franchise in over a decade, but he’s recently made waves regarding the series he helped create. Out of nowhere, the outspoken game developer ruffled more than a few feathers with the “revelation” that God of War protagonist Kratos was actually designed as bisexual. He later ruffled even more feathers when he revealed that said assertion was all one big joke. Because of course it was.

The “news” came via Jaffe’s Twitter, where he noted that Kratos was designed as a “raging bi-sexual” before eventually meeting his (ill-fated) Lysandra. We’re not quite sure what “raging bisexual” means, but we’ll be sure to update you when we do. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want to “get all JK Rowling” when that is exactly in fact, what he did.

With Kratos from being from Ancient Greece, it wouldn’t be a necessarily surprising revelation. However, due to none of this being stated in-game, many wondered what the point of making this assertion even was. The following tweet didn’t make things any better:

Jaffe’s Twitter page was later filled with a number of troubling tweets that we simply cannot all fit here. However, it’s this one that is the real kicker:

So, to recap: Jaffe first ignited fire by insinuating that Kratos was bisexual all along, even though it’s never really been featured in-game. He later revealed that the news was, in fact, all a lie. A lie apparently designed to “anger” those who would inevitably be angered at this “revelation.” Just to cap it all off, he still is mad that Kratos has a beard:

Thankfully, Jaffe has no actual say in the God of War franchise now. It’s in the (much more respectful) hands of Cory Barlog, who has transformed Kratos into a fully three-dimensional character. For what it’s worth, Jaffe is working on another game, apparently.