First Editioners: Would You Recommend A Vita?

If you’re one of the many gamers who picked up the Vita First Edition Bundle, you’ve been lucky enough to be able to play about with it for nearly a week. But have you been enjoying your experience?

For the on-the-fence gamers out there, unsure whether to pick up the pricey tech so early in its lifecycle, share your thoughts in the comments below about why they should – or why they shouldn’t – buy a Vita.

Also, have you found use for the 3G? Or is it an unnecessary extra?

I’ll start us off by saying I absolutely love my Vita, despite a few problems. Essentially, you are getting a console experience on a handheld in regards to power and graphics, but you are also getting the perks of a handheld – touch screens, accelerometer, augmented reality – all bundled together. If you have the money, like games and don’t have a problem with portables, buy it.

So, what are your thoughts?