NP-2244-2, NP-8677-8 Vita Errors and 800231002 PS3 Error Stopping Vita Owners Accessing the PS Store

While most people have been enjoying their PlayStation Vita trouble free, some gamers have had their Vita crash or freeze. Now, new reports are emerging that people are being locked out of the Vita’s PS Store.

As noted by Destructoid, Twitter is filled with complaints about Vita error code NP-2244-2, which seems to appear when the people try to download multiple items at once. The error stops them accessing the store and purchasing games (something I’m sure Sony won’t like), and can keep reoccurring every time they try to access the store. Another error that we’ve spotted is NP-8677-8, which also restricts access to the store and seems to happen randomly.

Unfortunately, if you have a PS3, simply downloading the content on your home console and transferring might not be an option – ‘800231002 Error’ has affected some of the people with Vita problems, once again stopping them downloading Vita content and even PS3 content. There are a few reports of 800231002 also affecting PS3 owners who don’t have Vitas, but it doesn’t seem to be as widespread.

At the moment, there’s no known fix to the problems, but if we find one, or if Sony fixes the problem, we’ll let you know.