Has Your Vita Crashed, Frozen or Died?

Ever since we published a guide on how to fix a Vita crash or freeze, we’ve been inundated with emails, PMs and tweets about personal Vita crashes – but have you had a problem?

It’s always hard to judge if a problem is truly widespread, but we want to know whether your Vita crashed, and if so – how and why?

Here’s just a small sample of the tweet’s we received (my Tweetdeck is overflowing with them):

@PSLifeStyle thank you SO much for publishing the article about the blue button. I was SO scared, and remembered about your tweet. #thanks!!

@PSLifeStyle its crashed like 10 times during all different things…

@PSLifeStyle Vita’s seem to crash randomly. I’ve had a few crashes. I’d had less since firmware 1.61 though.

@PSLifeStyle It froze while it was on stand by and charging. But resolved with hard reset.

@PSLifeStyle quite a few its rather annoying :/

@PSLifeStyle not personally, but my friends has crashed like 6 times

Above all, the game we saw appear the most was the demo for Zipper’s Unit 13, but we don’t know for a fact if there is a correlation:

@PSLifeStyle The Unit 13 demo dropped sound 2 minutes in. After it ended, it froze. Could close it, but anything else I opened froze.

@PSLifeStyle yes [Unit 13] need to reboot it with power button and triangle 10 sec

@PSLifeStyle Only crashed a couple times but during Unit 13 demo? Is there anything wrong with that game?

@PSLifeStyle yes it was [Unit 13]. Lost sound the first time. Quit the demo, then it locked up a few seconds after the quit.

So if your Vita crashed, what were you playing at the time? Or were you using an app? Has it happened more than once? Did our quick-fix stop it? Let us know in the comments below.