Street Fighter X Tekken Has DLC On the Disc

The way business works is that after an idea or product proves lucrative, those in said industry will try to take things gradually further and further to maximize profits. Any business wants to get the most money possible while using the smallest amount of resources. Downloadable content, still only a few years old, is evolving before our eyes, as a few companies like to test the waters of including inaccessible content on the disc. The only way to open said content, of course, is with your money, even though it’s already on the disc that was given to you. Whether or not this upsets you as a gamer, it upsets me as a grammarian, because something that’s already on the disc is not “downloadable” content at all. What are you downloading? It should be called “locked content,” though that probably wouldn’t sell as well. Alas, my high level of blunt honesty is why I could not succeed in marketing. Oh and Street Fighter X Tekken has this type of content.

“DLC” characters such as Elena are being unlocked via Xbox 360 hacking as we speak, reports Destructoid. Whether or not this also applies to the PS3 is not yet confirmed, but it is the safe assumption at this time.

I had the intention of linking YouTube videos of the content in action, but they’ve been taken down due to a copyright claim by Capcom.