Vita Version of “Monster Hunter Portable 3” Appears on

March 6, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

With the Vita’s sales lagging in Japan, there’s one series that could quickly turn things around – Monster Hunter. If is to be trusted, the Vita is in luck as “Monster Hunter Portable 3” is set to come to the system sometime in the future.

Presumably, Play mean Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, although there’s always the chance that it’s Monster Hunter 3G or a different version of Monster Hunter Tri.

But how important could a new/remade Monster Hunter really be to the Vita’s success? At the time, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was Capcom’s fastest selling game ever, and sold over 5 million copies (as well as millions of PSPs).

This rumor comes only days before SCEJ are set to announce a bunch of new Vita games via a web conference, so it’s possible that we could find out about MH PSV as soon as this Friday.

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[Thanks for the tip Gino!]