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Ben Cousins of Ngmoco Believes that Mobile Gaming will Kill Consoles Like TV Killed Cinema

The power of mobile gaming is only just beginning to chip away at traditional video game consoles according the Ngmoco’s Ben Cousins, who believes that mobile gaming will do to consoles what televisions did to movie theaters.

Speaking at GDC, former DICE and EA executive Cousins explained that the rise of mobile platforms is going to take a huge bite out of the console-based gaming market.

I believe that mobile devices and mobile platforms are the disruptive technologies that are going to cut a slice through the Western market.

He went on to point out how well mobile platforms in the West are doing compared to the three big players in the console gaming space, citing that Apple, Google, and Facebook have a combined market of $793 billion versus the combined value of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which amounts to only $306 billion.

Cousins also went on to recognize that while consoles currently have a leg up technology-wise, the playing field will likely even out very soon as “chips are getting cheaper and low power enough.”

Will the rising popularity of mobile gaming really force the console market to lose its relevancy like television did to cinema? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.