Lead Spaceship Designer on Star Trek Online Leaves to Work on Bungie’s new IP

Aside from the fact that it’s currently codenamed “Tiger”, we still know very little about the new multiplatform Bungie IP that the studio is working on for Activision. But if the new hiring of Adam Williams – the lead ship designer who worked on Star Trek Online – is any indication, there’s going to be a heavy focus on space.

Williams made the announcement of his departure from STO developer Cryptic via Twitter late last night, saying:

I have bad news and good news. Bad news is I’m leaving STO and Cryptic in two weeks. Good news is I’m going to Bungie to work on their new title. Ian Richards will be replacing me permanently. Thanks for the wishes all. Ian is highly skilled. Trained in ships by yours truly.

Bungie did experiment with a bit of space combat in Halo: Reach, so this new addition to their team sounds like a logical step if they want to make a similar, but bigger game. Stay tuned for more news on Bungie’s next title in the coming months.