Online Retailer Outs Special Move-Centric Collector’s Edition for Ninja Gaiden 3

If you’ve been looking forward to dusting off your Move controller to slice-and-dice some foes in Ninja Gaiden 3, an online retailer is showcasing a special edition that may just sweeten the deal for you.

As you can see from image below, this alleged bundle comes packed with a bloody sword Move peripheral to ensure that you feel as ridiculous as possible when waving around the controller. This still unconfirmed edition was spotted on the website of Canadian retailer Video Games Plus.

The fact that we’re only a week away from the game’s release and Tecmo has yet to announce this edition would lead one to believe that this is either a Canadian-exclusive pack, a planned bundle that just never made its way into production or something that is coming at a later date.

Considering the PlayStation Move’s fading relevance, it would seem like an odd choice for Tecmo to release such a Move-focused bundle. Let’s also not forget that the publisher has already confirmed the existence of a collector’s edition different from the one above. Plus, are there that many mature gamers out there really interested in swinging around a sword peripheral in front of their television?