Analyst: GTA V Likely to Launch in Early 2013, Be on Wii U

Revealed late last year, Grand Theft Auto V‘s announcement trailer failed to not only show a release date, but even a release year. At the time, analysts speculated at a fiscal 2012 release. Analyst group Sterne Agee has now shared their thoughts on when the game will finally release.

Sterne Agee’s analyst Arvind Bhatia stated that the game is now more likely to launch at the start of next year than later this year as they had previously guessed, changing their estimate from just before Christmas to a March 2013 release. The analyst went on to say that March would be better for the title, allowing it to launch away from other heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. A 2013 release would also give Rockstar time to make a Nintendo Wii U version, as well as let them polish the game even more.

Of course, this is still analyst speculation, and Rockstar has yet to even hint at when the game will come out. But when would you like to get your hands on GTA V? Let us know in the comments below.