'Florida Joker' Responds to GTA 6 Trailer

‘Florida Joker’ Responds to GTA 6 Trailer

Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the real-life “Florida Joker,” has responded to GTA 6’s debut trailer, in which a character evidently inspired by him makes an appearance. The highly anticipated trailer was released earlier this week, and fans quickly noticed that it contained quite a few references to real-life events and persons in Florida, one of whom is the “Florida Joker.”

Florida Joker wants to talk to GTA 6 developers

For those not familiar with Sullivan, he became famous in 2017 following an arrest and a subsequent mugshot of him showcasing his facial tattoos and hair inspired by DC Comics’ Joker. He continued to land in trouble with the law several times over the years. When GTA 6’s trailer premiered, it didn’t take long for viewers to point out the reference.

Yesterday, in a now-deleted TikTok video, Sullivan himself noticed the similarities and told Rockstar Games “we gotta talk.”

We’re unclear why Sullivan deleted the video and if he seriously wants to get in touch with Rockstar Games or not, but there’s speculation that he’s looking to get paid for the use of his likeness.

In 2016, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan lost a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for what she claimed was the use of her likeness for GTA V character Lacey Jonas.