Rumor: Sega Reportedly Sitting on Completed Port of Shenmue HD

If a recent report is to be believed, Sega has been withholding a completed high-definition port of their beloved Dreamcast classic Shenmue for over a year now, with a finished HD version of the sequel ready to go as well.

This rumor stems from a Gamerzines report, which states that the reason behind Sega’s decision to hold out on releasing these two titles is tied to the publisher’s indecision with regard to the future of the franchise, namely “whether or not Shenmue III would ever see the light of day.”

Sega has responded, referencing their Dreamcast library in general, purposely dodging any official news regarding the status of Shenmue.

The games that were mentioned are definitely among the most requested re-releases. We can’t go into specifics about our future releases, but we are excited to see so much passion surrounding our Dreamcast-era games.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for future information on the status of Sega’s unique franchise.