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Rumor: Studio M-Two Working On Capcom 2021 Remake Projects, Headed by Former Platinum Games CEO

More Capcom remake projects might be in the works for 2021 and beyond if rumor and errant Twitter posts are to be believed. The web of rumors begins with noteworthy Twitter source @Nibellion retweeting a declaration of confirmed news today by VGC in regards to Studio M-Two, the Capcom-backed studio that worked on the Resident Evil 3 reimagining coming out later this week. Nibel followed up the retweet by also sharing the tweets of yet another known video game industry leak source @DuskGolem1–also known as AestheticGamer–in which details about a 2021 Resident Evil project and yet another Capcom remake are discussed.

A majority of the rumors begin with VGC’s report back in December of Studio M-Two being led by former Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami, a former Capcom designer with work credits on the likes of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. According to the report, news of Studio M-Two being at least one studio behind the Resident Evil 3 project are confirmed in the upcoming game’s ending credits, giving credence to the news swirling about yet another Resident Evil title slated for next year and other Capcom remakes even further down the road.

DuskGolem1 doesn’t divulge sources but mentions that the Resident Evil project is not one of the Sega Dreamcast’s Code Veronica or the oddly beloved PlayStation 1 franchise Dino Crisis. He adds that the project has been in development for a while, saying “The 2021 RE game started development in late 2016, by the time it releases it’ll have been in development for 4-4.5 years.”

There’s a lot to unpack here in regards to confirmed information versus rumor, but one thing is certain: Studio M-Two is an independent studio filled with former Capcom devs and now working on major projects for the company. Only time and future confirmations from the studio itself can untangle this web and shed light on the validity of these claims. That said, the two sources in Nibel and DuskGolem1 tend to have their scuttlebutt proven correct, so we’re fairly certain that much of these rumors are at least rooted in fact.

This seems like a lot of excitement for a Godhand remake, right? No? Eh, worth a try.

[Source: VGC]