Uutforsket Revealed, Just an ‘Interactive Treasure Hunt’ Alternate Reality Game Set in Oslo

After PlayStation Norway began an Uncharted teaser campaign, speculation ran rampant, with rumors of new DLC or even Uncharted 4 spreading like wildfire. We cautioned that the teaser was probably for an alternate reality game, sadly it now looks like we were right.

The teaser site has now been updated with the following video:

“En Interaktiv Skatterjakt” means “an interactive treasure hunt”, with people in Norway able to sign up here to register for the hunt. Players can win “great prizes” including a PS Vita by taking part. You have to search for letters in Oslo and arrange them in the correct order to win.

With Golden Abyss only a month old, the game still has the potential to sell more, so this campaign is likely just a move to help promote it. Of course, there’s always a chance that there will be a big reveal after this, with the letters spelling out “The Adventures of Sully“, but it’s unlikely.