The ‘Uutforsket’ Uncharted Teaser: What We Know

The internet is abuzz with news that PlayStation Norway has begun teasing something suspiciously Uncharted-like, but what does it all really mean? PlayStation LifeStyle investigates. is registered to the Nordisk Film Distribsjon AS, which handles PlayStation console distribution in the region. But the email is that of Kim Hendricks, whose LinkedIn says that not only is he the Marketing assistant and Community manager at Nordisk Film, but also Sony PlayStation Norge. Hendricks also runs CreatingAdam, a company that has previously done viral marketing campaigns for games publishers like Ubisoft:

We called Nordisk Film Distribsjon and asked about the current campaign but were asked how we got the number, that we should wait until the embargo was lifted and were then disconnected.

All this reaffirms that the Uutforsket teaser is the work of a marketing company, and not just a simple teaser straight from Naughty Dog. But it’s not a very original teaser – back in 2011, Sony Denmark ran a campaign to help promote (not announce) Uncharted 3 on the site which looks almost identical to the current campaign, but with a map of Copenhagen in the background. The site now says “Kamragnen Er Slut” (The Campaign is Over), but previously hosted a social campaign where players could follow the adventures of fictional Danish explorer ‘Wilhelm Von Bernhoff’ to help find treasures around Copenhagen.

The new background on shows this:

Christiania Fjord, as pictured below in a similar map we found, was the old name for Oslo, Norway’s capital:

Unfortunately, it seems more likely that the site is simply a similar campaign set in Oslo, with people following Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, rather than Wilhelm Von Bernhoff.

The video of the Norwegian Uutforsket also hints at a letter-based alternate reality game:

Frognerparken from Uutforsket No on Vimeo.

The Vimeo site also says Letter in Norwegian (bokstav), and has the letter A, suggesting some kind of letter collection game. Online alternate reality game Uncharted: Drake’s Trail was a prequel to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune that ran in November 2007 through Google Maps, so this could potentially be something similar – especially considering one setting in the game was in Norway.

Stick to PSLS for the official reveal tomorrow, but if what we’ve uncovered is anything to go by, don’t expect Uncharted 4.