Unannounced PS3 Exclusives: What We Know

With Sony leakier than a sieve doused in acid, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at all the unannounced PS3 exclusives that are rumored to exist, and compiles the data into one easy to digest list.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

What we know: With GTTV probably set to unveil the game tomorrow, this is one of Sony’s famous “worst kept secrets”. Rumors and evidence point towards the game being developed by SuperBot Entertainment, an independent developer that has yet to release a title. Basically Sony Super Smash Bros., PSASBR is thought to include obscure characters like Toro and PaRappa, as well as the obvious additions like Nathan Drake and Cole McGrath. Update: It’s official.

Patapon Developer

What we know: Spotted on a developer’s LinkedIn by PSLS, nothing has been revealed about the game other than PS3 as the platform, but it’d be fair to predict that Patapon developer Pyramid Inc is bringing the franchise to the PS3’s PSN.

Not Kara

What we know: Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is hard at work on their next PS3 exclusive which aims to, once again, offer an incredibly unique experience. While we don’t know what the title is about, the tech demo “Kara” showed the engine off in realtime, and blew us away. Incredibly the video is over a year old and the engine is even better looking – in fact, Kara was originally going to be shown at E3 2011, but David Cage didn’t want to show it until he was confident that the actual reveal will be able to still shock us. Consider us excited.

Sony Santa Monica’s New IP

What we know: Sure, they might be doing more GOW, but Sony Santa Monica is a big studio that has more than one project on the go at the moment. In fact, they’re openly hiring for a new IP which appears to be some type of shooter with vehicle combat. Original job adverts date back to April 2011, so the game started development latest by then, but probably after GOW‘s release. GOWIII director Stig Asmussen is possibly directing the game.

Guerrilla Games

What we know: GG have already stated that they’re working on a new IP, with job adverts suggesting it is once again in the shooter vein. However, there are numerous rumors floating around that the studio is working on another Killzone. We’ve also uncovered a job listing that hints at a PS4 title in development by the studio.

Cold Hard Cash

What we know: Nothing, simply a recent trademark by SCEE that drew attention due to its proximity to all the recent game reveals and the fact that it’s the first published trademark since The Last of Us.

Sony London’s Move Game

What we know: PSLS has been following this one for a while. LinkedIn profiles repeatedly call it a Move game, although they don’t technically also rule out support for the DualShock. It’s “large”, “AAA” and a “Character Action Game“. We also know that it’s a new IP, with plans to establish a franchise.

SCEE’s Social Game

What we know: Described as “cutting edge” in a job advert we found, multiple games are also suggested. The game is also a new IP.

Zindagi Games’ New Move Game

What we know: Zindagi, best known for Sports Champions, have already confirmed that they are working on a new game for the Move. However, it might not actually be a PS3 game as job listings we spotted repeatedly referenced the “next generation”.

Supermassive Games Multiple PS3 Titles

What we know: Creators of Tumble and the upcoming Doctor Who game, their site says that “we have several PlayStation 3 exclusive titles at various stages of development”. As Vita SDK experienced is mentioned, it’s likely at least some of the games are on PS3 and Vita like The Eternity Clock.

Naughty Dog’s Second Team

What we know: Half of Naughty Dog might be working on The Last of Us, but the guys that developed Uncharted 3 aren’t. Considering the studio is already doing a new IP and the Uncharted series has passed 17 million sales, it’d be reasonable to suggest that they’re doing another Uncharted – although it might be for PS4.

Polyphony Digital

What we know: Yamauchi has basically already confirmed Gran Turismo 6 saying “of course we’re working on GT6 already”. The only real question is will it be for PS3 or PS4?

Media Molecule

What we know: It’s not going to be LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule are bored of it and want to do something new. It’s also going to be something ambitious, as the developer is spending huge amounts on R&D. The filing detailing the R&D costs outlined that Media Molecule has focused on “rapid world creation from laser data”, web based interfaces and 3D stereoscopic imaging. Again, this could always be for PS4, but we at least know it is PlayStation as Sony bought them.

Sucker Punch

What we know: Also bought by Sony, Sucker Punch Productions job listings confirm that they are working on another PS3 game. While inFamous 2 had a satisfactory ending, the industry’s love of trilogies would suggest inFamous 3. With a new Sly in development by a different studio, it’s also unlikely that they are making a Sly game.

The Unfinished Swan

What we know: First person painting game The Unfinished Swan may be coming to PS3, according to a resume. The resume suggests a collaboration between developer Giant Sparrow and Sony Santa Monica, with their upcoming game known to be The Unfinished Swan – so we know they are making a game together, but there’s always a chance they could be doing two games. Update: It’s official.

Unattached First Party Studios

What we know: These are lumped together because we don’t really know anything other than that they have to be working on something Sony related. SCE Bend Studio just finished Golden Abyss, so they’re probably just doing a sequel, but there have been repeated rumors about a Syphon Filter PS3 game. Evolution Studios has finished up MotorStorm RC, which was a big success, so they could be doing a sequel to that, but they are a big studio and it’s a small game – could they be working on another big budget racer (Update: Yes)? SCE Studio Liverpool are also unattached and are probably working on something WipEout related, but it’s unknown if it’ll be another Vita game or a PS3 one (we haven’t had a new WipEout PS3 title since the expansion pack Fury back in 2009).

So there you have it, well over ten exclusive PS3 games still to come on top of all the known ones like God of War, Starhawk and The Last of Us – perhaps this gen can last a while longer.