Evolution Job Listings Point Towards Full Scale Motorstorm, Will Push Creativity, User Experience to “Incredible New Heights”

Evolution Studios might have had a rough time with the launch of Motorstorm Apocalypse, and after ended up working on the smaller digital Motorstorm title RC, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of larger scale versions of the brutal off-road racer.

PSLS has discovered job listings that point towards a much more ambitious title than RC, with the blurb saying:

Building on over 12 years at the forefront of PlayStation development, we’re now embarking on exciting new concepts that will push user experience, creativity, technology and productivity to incredible new heights.

A job listing for a C++ Graphics/Technology Programmer also says that “candidates will also benefit from practical experience of large scale production pipelines”, while a C++ Gameplay/Generalist Programmer listing mentions “high level graphics”. While this points towards a larger project than RC, it doesn’t specify what they are working on. However, another listing, this time for a C++ Applied Physics Programmer suggests a game that sounds a lot like Motorstorm:

Applied knowledge of a diverse array of physics and math intensive areas such as vehicle dynamics, rigid body physics, soft body physics, constrains, destruction, character ragdolls, character inverse kinematics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, cloth simulation, etc.

Motorstorm fans will remember that RC didn’t have characters with ragdoll physics, or proper vehicle destruction – these are all features only found in the main Motorstorm titles.

It’s also great news to see the studio hiring permanent positions after Apocalypse was a financial disaster that caused the developer to fear closure. It certainly looks like Sony is still going to support Evolution, even if they closed down the sibling studio BigBig.

Would you like a new, fully fledged Motorstorm? Or are you looking forward to another unannounced exclusive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.