Sony London Working on a “Very High-Profile” New IP for PS4, More Titles, “Will Push Creativity, User-Experience, and Technology to Incredible New Heights”


Long before the PlayStation 4 was even official, we let you know that SCE London Studio was creating a PS4 graphics library that aimed to “set the bar for the industry” visually, but we knew little about what those tools would actually be used for. Now, we’ve found the first clues hinting at their upcoming PlayStation 4 games, giving us a peek at the future.

Before we get into it, it’s important to note that SCE London is much like SCEA’s Sony Santa Monica, in that they help countless developers create PlayStation games, so the studio has already helped release the PS4 title The Playroom. One team at SCE London, however, has begun work on an entirely new IP for PS4, and apparently it’s a big one. A Sony job listing says (emphasis added):

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking for an enthusiastic Assistant or Associate Producer to join a new team working on new IP for the next-generation of gaming.


The work is highly varied and a great opportunity to work with SCEE’s development studios on a very high-profile project whilst learning more about the broader video games industry.

Another job listing for SCE London gives further details, saying:

Building on over eighteen years at the forefront of PlayStation development, we’re now embarking on exciting new concepts that will push creativity, user-experience, and technology to incredible new heights.


This is a great opportunity for a game-play programmer to join our project team at the beginnings of a new title – helping to define, and ultimately deliver, a completely new PS4 experience for the studio.

But while the high profile new IP is still in the early stages, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a long time before we see a SCE London game on PS4 – the studio is split up into various teams (for example, the SingStar team are likely making another entry in the singing franchise, hopefully for PS4), and numerous job listings make mention of multiple “PS4 titles.”

Unfortunately, before you get too excited, it’s important to note that it’s likely that the games are mass market casual titles, with every SCE London job listing saying:

We have a mission to create innovative and market leading games with broad market appeal in terms of play and entertainment.

What do you want from SCE London’s high profile IP? Let us know genre, plot and setting wishlists in the comments below, and feel free to share your ultimate game concepts for everyone to steal.