Sony Working On “a New Unannounced IP” For PS Move

With Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Socom 4 coming later in the year, the future is bright for PlayStation Move-compatible games, but the current forecast for AAA Move-only games is rather bleak, with the only major titles on the horizon being Sorcery and PlayStation Move Heroes. But a recent job listing for Sony’s London Studio shows that the developer is working on “a new unannounced IP” for the PlayStation Move, with the job details hinting that the game will be rather impressive — much more so than your average PlayStation Move title.

On a job listing on the official PlayStation Jobsite in the UK, Sony states that: “The London Studio is looking for an exceptional candidate to work as an Animator on a new unannounced IP.” Later continuing: “Your role will involve the prototype and production of in-game animations and cinematics for a new Move controller game. ”

Developers of the technically impressive Eyepet, Sony’s London Studio certainly has the skillset to create a great Move title. But will it just be a simple minigame packed casual title? The listing does not explicitly specify, but one of the desired attributes is that a candidate has “Facial animation skills & experience” and “significant knowledge of art fundamentals including staging, layout, story telling & editing”. Story telling and facial animation experience hints at a more in-depth game than the standard casual title, with detailed cutscenes rather likely.

Furthermore, the game is possibly a rather high budget title as the animator “will be required to use both motion capture data and hand-keyed animation”, and it’s essential that they have “strong understanding of motion capture animation”. Motion capture technology is increasingly being used in high-end games where in-game actor’s realism is essential, allowing for amazing performances in such games as Uncharted, LA Noire and Heavy Rain. Motion capture technology can be very expensive, increasing production costs, as well as extending development time, and so is normally only used in AAA games.

Sony seem to be hiring only the best for this game, demanding that applicants have “an outstanding demo reel” and that they will develop “highly realistic movements for all in game characters”, so the title could be a graphically impressive title that sets itself apart from other Move only games.

Whatever the IP is, it won’t span just one game, with the job description including the need to “Collaborate with the Art Director and/or Lead Animator to produce animations that fit the project and franchise style”. With London Studios planning for the project to become a franchise, it seems that the IP could become an important part of Sony’s expanding library of properties.

As SCEE’s largest internal development studio, London Studio has developed games from various genres, including SingStar, The Getaway and PlayStation Home, so its hard to predict in what genre the game will be.

What type of game would you like it to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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